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Version: JULY 2004 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


nullmodem - a Utility to loopback Pseudo-Terminals


nullmodem [-F] [-V] [-q] [-r] [-m] tty...


nullmodem creates a virtual network of Pseudo-Terminals. It can be used as an adapter to connect two programs that normally need serial interface cards.


-F, --foreground
Unlike normal operation, nullmodem will not detach from the terminal when given this option. Some debugging informations will be visible.
-q, --quiet
Start quietly - for init scripts.
-v, --verbose
Print debug info.
-V, --version
Print the version number and exit.
-r, --realtime
Start with realtime priority (i.e. use the round-robin scheduler). This requires nullmodem to run with root privileges.
-m, --memorylock
Lock the executable of nullmodem to RAM. This keeps nullmodem from being swapped out.
--setuid n
Set the UserID (UID) of the pseudo terminal spacial files to n.
--setgid n
Set the GroupID (GID) of the pseudo terminal spacial files to n.
Use blocking IO to handle the interfaces (default: NONBLOCKing).


Juergen Rinas <>


kissnetd(8), openpty(3)
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