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Version: October 18, 2004 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


nws_proxy - aggregate multiple series for the Network Weather Service


nws_proxy [-N host][-As][-e file][-l file][-i file][-p port]


This manual page explains the nws_proxy program. The nws_proxy can query nws_nameserver(1) to find nws_memory(1) which are responsible for NWS series and start autofetching them. It's purpose is to avoid the high latency when retrieving a large number of NWS series. It returns only the last value/forecast pair.

The nws_proxy can be controlled and queried thorugh the nws_ctrl(1) program (check for the proxy and proxyFetch command.

WARNING: the nws_proxy can use a lot of memory if the number of series is large.


-e file

Save the error messages to file.

-l file

Save the log messages to file.


This proxy is going to be a system wide proxy, so it will register with the nameserver (specified by -N).

-i file

Write the pid to file

-N nws_nameserver

Use nws_nameserver to look up for NWS series.


Start caching all the NWS series registered with the nameserver as specified in the -N switch.

-p port Listen to port instead of the default for the nws_proxy (8070).


Bugs list is at


NWS is an original idea of Rich Wolski Rich Wolski ( Graziano Obertelli ( designed and implemented the nws_proxy.



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