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Langue: en

Version: 2006-02-04 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


oo2pod - POD generation from an OpenDocument file


Usage : oo2pod <oofilename>


This demo script exports the content of a given OpenDocument file to POD on the standard output. In the present form, it's quite limited and not flexible, in order to remain easily readable. It should be considered as an example of text extraction using OpenOffice::OODoc and not as the 'definitive' oo2pod filter, knowing that complex document structures are not properly rendered.

Before extraction, some transformations are done in the document in order to make it more convenient for a POD presentation. Some pieces of metadata (title, subject, description), if defined, are reported in the beginning of the POD. The footnotes are removed from the content and reported in a special section at the end.

This script needs Text::Wrapper (that is not necessarily required by the OpenOffice::OODoc installation). To implement more sophisicated presentation rules, you could use Text::Format instead.

le mont Ventoux et Carpentras

tu es mon centre là trop vexant
saturant ton ventre complexe
tu es prêt montrant là convexe
ton luxe et ton vrac parements

là montant crêt on veut exprès
tant téter melons provençaux
m'exaltant verte tu prononces
ton trône turc savant exemple

mont ces aveux alternent trop
levant contre mon pas texture
stentor puant volcan extrême
rotant clapotements nerveux

expert en mots ancrant volute
ton scalp net m'a tourné vertex
ton vent roux me pela cent rats
contestant paternel morveux

-- Chamontin, Élisabeth