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Version: 313683 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


pkgmaintainermangler - change the Debian Maintainer field in a binary package during the build


pkgmaintainermangler directory


pkgmaintainermangler adjusts the maintainer field in binary packages to match a set of rules defined in the pkgmaintainermangler configuration file, found at /etc/pkgbinarymangler/maintainermangler.conf.

The directory option tells pkgmaintainermangler where to find the build directory which contains DEBIAN/control, so it can mangle it appropriately. As pkgmaintainermangler is generally invoked from a dpkg-deb(1) wrapper, it will also accept dpkg-deb's command-line syntax, ignoring superfluous options.

By default, pkgmaintainermangler is inactive. To enable it, the enable option in the configuration file must be set to true.


If this variable is set to a nonempty value, then pkgmaintainermangler is disabled. This is most useful if source packages build nested binary packages as part of their build.


pkgmaintainermangler is developed by Adam Conrad <>.
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