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Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


pts listentries - Displays all users or groups in the Protection Database


pts listentries [-users] [-groups] << [-cell <cell name] >>>
    [-noauth] [-force] [-help]

pts liste [-u] [-g] << [-c <cell name] >>> [-n] [-f] [-h]


The pts listentries command displays the name and AFS ID of all Protection Database entries of the indicated type. It also displays the AFS ID of each entry's owner and creator.

To display all user and machine entries, either include the -users flag or omit both it and the -groups flag. To display all group entries, include the -groups flag. To display all entries, provide both flags.


Displays user and machine entries.
Displays group entries.
-cell <cell name>
Names the cell in which to run the command. For more details, see the pts(1) manpage.
Assigns the unprivileged identity anonymous to the issuer. For more details, see the pts(1) manpage.
Enables the command to continue executing as far as possible when errors or other problems occur, rather than halting execution at the first error.
Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


The output includes a line for each entry, with information in four columns that have the following headers:
The entry's name.
The entry's AFS ID (AFS UID for a user or machine, negative AFS GID for a group).
The AFS ID of the user or group that owns the entry.
The AFS ID of the user who created the entry (the system:administrators group is listed as the creator of the entry for anonymous and the system groups, but it is not otherwise possible for a group to create groups).

In general, the entries appear in the order in which they were created.


The following example displays both user and group entries.
    % pts listentries -users -groups
    Name                          ID  Owner Creator
    system:administrators       -204   -204    -204
    system:anyuser              -101   -204    -204
    system:authuser             -102   -204    -204
    anonymous                  32766   -204    -204
    admin                          1   -204   32766
    pat                          100   -204       1
    smith                        101   -204       1
    pat:friends                 -206    100     100
    staff                       -207   -204       1


The issuer must belong to the system:administrators group.


the pts(1) manpage, the pts_creategroup(1) manpage, the pts_createuser(1) manpage, the pts_examine(1) manpage IBM Corporation 2000. <> All Rights Reserved.

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