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Version: 1.5 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


pvfspeed - changes the sample rate of the voice file.


pvfspeed [options] [<pvffile in> [<pvffile out>]]


pvfspeed changes the sample rate of the voice file. It does this by interpolating the samples at the new rate. Input and output is in the pvf (portable voice format) format.


pvfreverse can be called in the pipe mode:

        cat infile.pvf | pvfspeed [optons] > outfile.pvf

or with two file names:

        pvfspeed [options] infile.pvf outfile.pvf

Valid options are:

-h brief help message

-s <n> new number of samples per seconds (default is old one)

-a output pvf ascii format

-b output pvf binary format (default)

-8 output 8 bit samples

-16 output 16 bit samples

-32 output 32 bit samples (default)

You will normaly not need any options.


To prepare a .wav file for use with a Rockwell modem:

        wavtopvf infile.wav | pvfspeed -s 7200 | \
        pvftormd Rockwell 4 > outfile.rmd

If you are trying to combind two files of different sample rates, you can combind pvfspeed with pvfmix. If you have one file sampled at 11000 and one at 7200 and you want the output file at 7200 for your modem, you can use something like this:

        pvfspeed -s 7200 infile1.pvf | \

        pvfmix -N infile2.pvf > outfile.pvf


pvfamp, pvfcut, pvfechot, pvfff, pvffile, pvffilter, pvfmix, pvfnoise, pvfnoise, and pvfsine


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