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Version: 315150 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


pybtext - use bibliographic databases in text files


pybtext [-o outputfile] [-s style] <textfile> <database...>


Pybtext scans text files for citation keys enclosed in brackets (`[key]') and uses the database to generate a reference list. The reference list is appended to the text file and written to `textfile.pyb' if no output file is specified.


pybliographer(1), <>


Pybtext was written by Zoltán Kóta.
This manpage was written by Nis Martensen for Debian/GNU Linux and may be used, modified and/or distributed freely by anyone.
nomade Larmor pagailles
l'os de l'araigne rampa mol
alors il pâma régal démon

dame oral mer on gaspilla
nomade gaspillera moral
parler logis nomade a mal

or ma smala plonge là dire
la nage l'immoral rapsode
allegro le piano ramdams

dire la maman oral gospel
là nagea remords malpoli
là elle programma Adonis

adora lampions margelle
orna malgré la psalmodie
la maison de Larmor Plage

-- Chamontin, Élisabeth