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Version: 113193 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


qfaxreader - A multipage TIFF/FAX viewer


qfaxreader [tiff-file]


QFaxReader is a color/monochrome multipage tiff files visualisation utility. Is designed for the users who receive faxes using computers.


* Handle multi page tiff/fax files (even color)
* Correctly display fax images in any resolution
* Fullscreen mode
* Printing fax files (multiple pages per sheet)
* Image transformation (rotate left, rotate right, vertical flip)
* Arbitrary zoom fax images
* Sidebar with easy navigation through directories
* AutoRefresh + notification for new facsimiles
* Aliases database for replacing faxes id's with real name

  If you don't have gdbm or db library installed, this feature is disabled.
* Export in all format which your QT have support
* Experimental internationalization support
* CID support


Export feature overwrite files without any notification.


* Configure path by right clicking "Home" tool button
* Configure autorefresh parameter by right clicking "Refresh" tool button
* To delete unwanted files, right click item and chose "Delete"
* To rename a fax file, right click item and chose "Rename"
* To replace id with real name, right click item and chose "Alias"


Copyright (C) 2002-2006 by Serghei Amelian <>


* Hans-Peter Jansen <>
    some bugfixes and improvements in earlier versions of QFaxReader
* Aidan Van Dyk <>
    initial patch for CID support
* Grant Parnell <>
    donate to me a hdd with many Linux distributions
* Ion-Mihai Tetcu <>
    FreeBSD port maintainer
* Stan Vasilyev <>
    Debian package maintainer


* Romanian Linux User Group ( for support me over years in various problems
* QFaxReader users for support and suggestions

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