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Version: 22 June 2010 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


Qwit - Qt4-based lightweight cross-platform client for Twitter  


Qwit is the Qt4-based lightweight cross-platform client for Twitter.

Its features:

depends on Qt4 only;
looks beautifully in KDE;
http-proxy support;
userpics caching;
clickable links in statuses;
public, replies, custom user timelines, search;
caching messages between sessions;
replies, retweets and direct messages support;
customizable interface;
twitpic support.


~/.config/arti/qwit.conf Configuration file

~/.qwit Userpics cache


The founder and lead developer of Qwit is Artem Iglikov <>. List of other project members is available on the Qwit's homepage.


Qwit homepage: Qwit microblog: Author's homepage:

14:05 Qui bosse le premier, ipnat ou ipfilter ? En clair, les rêgles
s'appliquent sur les adresses à mapper ou déjà mappées ?
14:24 14:05 Moi, pour mes règles, j'utilise tampaxd et ipalways ultra