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Langue: en

Version: April 2005 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


racc - Ruby LALR parser generator


racc [options] file


Racc is a LALR(1) parser generator. It is written in Ruby itself, and generates Ruby program.


-g, --debug output parser for user level debugging.
-o, --output-file <outfile> file name of output. [<fname>.tab.rb]
-e, --executable <rubypath>
     insert #! line in output.  ('ruby' to default)
-E, --embedded output file which don't need runtime.
-l, --no-line-convert never convert line numbers. (for ruby<=1.4.3)
-c, --line-convert-all convert line numbers also header and footer.
-a, --no-omit-actions never omit actions.
-v, --verbose create <filename>.output file.
-O, --log-file <fname> file name of verbose output. [<fname>.output]
-C, --check-only syntax check only.
-S, --output-status output status time to time.
--no-extentions run without any ruby extentions.
-h, --help print this message and quit.
--version print version and quit.
--runtime-version print runtime version and quit.
--copyright print copyright and quit.


/usr/share/doc/racc/html.en/index.html (English) or /usr/share/doc/racc/html.ja/index.html (Japanese).

Revissé, l'auteur, ce reptile, nota ces mots
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-- Kaeser, Pascal