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Version: 21 July 2001 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ragraph - graph argus(8) data. Copyright (c) 2000-2003 QoSient. All rights reserved.


ragraph metric [object] [-M mode] [options] [raoptions]


Ragraph reads argus(8) data from an argus-file, and graphs fields of interest from matching argus flow activity records. Current, ragraph uses rrd-tool to generate GIF formatted graphs, and so many options to rrd-tool are supported by ragraph.

Ragraph supports graphing most metrics that are available in argus data. The list includes bytes, sbytes, dbytes, pkts, spkts, dpkts, trans, dur, avgdur.

Ragraph also supports graphing based on multiple objects, such as the destination address or destination port values. The list currently include saddr, daddr, proto, sport, dport.

By default ragraph writes its output to ragraph.gif, in the current directory. Use the '-w' raoption to specify an alternate output filename.


-M <mode> -
Specify the mode for printing. Current ragraph supports any arbitrary time range as a mode, specified either as a number followed by the time scale seconds(s), minutes(m), hours(h), days(d), months(M), years(y), or as a type of time, such as hourly, daily, etc. Examles are:
    -M 1s      graph bins of size 1 second.
    -M 15m     graph bins of size 15 minutes.
    -M hourly  graph bins of size 1 hour.
    -M daily   graph bins of size 1 day.
Use logarithmic scale for y-axis.
Turn off area fill.
Turn off data stacking.
Turn off axis splitting for src/dst(in/out) traffic.
Specify height in pixels for the graph (275 pixels)
Specify width in pixels for the graph (800 pixels)
Specify upper bounds for graphing data (automatic).
Specify lower bounds for graphing data (automatic). When data is split, you need to specify the value as a negative number.
Specify a graph title.


Ragraph, like all ra based clients, supports a number of ra options including filtering of input argus records through a terminating filter expression, and specifying an output filename using the -w option.

See ra(1) for a complete description of ra options.


To graph the total load for the data in an argus-file at 10 second intervals:

 ragraph bytes -M 10s -r -title "Total Load"

To graph the rate (pkt/sec) on a destination port basis for the data from a specific probe in an argus-file at 1 minute intervals:

 ragraph pkts dport -M 1m -r - srcid


 Carter Bullard (


ragraph(5), ra(1), rarc(5), argus(8) tcpdump(1),
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