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Version: 2010-06-30 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


perl6 - Rakudo Perl 6 Compiler


  perl6 [switches] [--] [programfile] [arguments]


Compiles "[programfile]" or the program given by the "-e" option, and by default also executes the compiled code.
   -c                   check syntax only (runs BEGIN and CHECK blocks)
   -e program           one line of program
   -h, --help           display this help text
   --target=[stage]     specify compilation stage to emit
   -t, --trace=[flags]  enable trace flags
   --encoding=[mode]    specify string encoding mode
   -o, --output=[name]  specify name of output file
   -v, --version        display version information
   --stagestats         display time spent in the compilation stages

Note that only boolean single-letter options may be bundled

Supported stages for --target are:

  parse past post pir evalpmc


  parse = a representation of the parse tree
  past  = an intermediate format representing the parrot abstract syntax tree
  post  = an intermediate format representing the parrot opcode syntax tree
  pir   = the parrot intermediate representation


To specify options to the underlying parrot VM, you must explicitly run parrot; you cannot specify these options by using the "perl6" executable.
  parrot [parrot switches] perl6.pbc [switches] [--] [programfile] [arguments]

See "parrot --help" for a list of valid parrot options.


Written by the Rakudo contributors, see the CREDITS file.

This manual page was written by Reini Urban, Moritz Lenz and the Rakudo contributors.

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