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Langue: en

Version: 113312 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


rewriteheader - replace strings in the message header


rewriteheader [options] Headername Old New [Headername Old New [...]]


rewriteheader replaces strings in the message header. It expect n times 3 arguments. The first is the name of a header, the second is the string to replace, the third is the new string.

Headername and old string are treated caseinsensitive.

rewriteheader expects the string to start and end at a word boundary. You can change to characters which rewriteheader treats as part of a word with the --wordchars option. rewriteheader will not demand word boundaries if you use an empty string as argument for the --wordchars option.

rewriteheader will only rewrite strings in the header. It only works as a filter.


-w TEXT, --wordchars TEXT
See above. The default is: a-zA-z0-9@-_.=#$*


Example (utterly stupid): ( cat <<EOF To: me@host.example,someone_else@host.sub.example From: me@host2.example (me and only me) CC: nobody@example.example me@host.example Subject: test example

body EOF ) | ./rewriteheader subject example ""
                        to me@host.example me@otherhost.example                                 cc cc: bcc:  from "me and only me" "Me for my boss"

In case i screwed something up: short options use the same arguments as the long ones


rewriteheader hates you. It will use every possibility to do bad things to your messages.
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