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Version: 58435 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)

BSD mandoc


rshp - parallel remote shell


rshp [ -a arity | -d limit ] [-vP ] [-l username ] [-c connector ] [-f filename ] [-m host ] -- command args ...


rshp executes command on hosts specified with -f and/or -m options .

rshp copies its standard input to remote commands, the standard output of remote commands to its standard output, and the standard error of remote commands to its standard error. Before running a command on remote hosts, the variable RSHP_RANK is set. RSHP_RANK is an integer range 1..NB_hosts. Quit signals (Crtl C) are propagated to the remote commands; rshp normally terminates when the remote command does.
The options are as follows:

The -a option fixes arity for the spanning tree used, default value is the number of nodes given.
Dynamic launcher, a ?work stealing? algorithm is applied, with a task being a node to launch. All nodes ready to work steal tasks from their hierarchicaly parent nodes. Limit is an integer, when it's reached, a node waits for its current work to terminate before it steals another one.
The -v option turns on the verbose mode: write hostname > before output buffer.
The -P option turns on the profiling mode, actualy only the execution time.
By default, the remote username is the same as the local username. The -l option allows the remote name to be specified.
The -c specify the connector to use to connect to remote host (rexec, rsh, ssh, other...) list of connectors with suid bit on rshp:

    rshs (sequential),
    rsha (asynchronous),
    rsht (threaded: one thread by remote connection. Only during connection
                    creation they are destroyed after launch)

list of connectors user level:
    ssf is deprecated

Connectors can be increased with -cconnect=XXX,timeout=INT Where XXX is one of previous enumerated connectors and timeout is the time after the connection is seen like rejected by rshp for the env connector you must declare the TAKTUK_RSH variable

filename, file containing a list of host, this option can be used many times and mixed with the -m option
The -m option specifies one host. this option can be increase with suboptions:
    connect=connector_name (which connector we must use for this node),
    login=log_name (login for this node),
are delimiter for children of one node specified by -m before the first -[ occurence

If no command is specified, all nodes are reached but no command is executed.

Shell metacharacters which are not quoted are interpreted on local machine, while quoted metacharacters are interpreted on the remote machine. For example, the command

rshp -m otherhost cat -- remotefile >> localfile

appends the remote file remotefile to the local file localfile while

rshp -m otherhost cat remotefile ">>" other_remotefile

appends remotefile to other_remotefile




sentinelle(1), mput(1), rcmd(3), rexec(3), ssh, rsh,


You cannot run an interactive command with control caracters, no tty emulation :-( (like top or vi) using rshp;

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