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Version: December 2001 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


SciGraphica - A scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics


scigraphica [options] [file ...]


SciGraphica is too complex to cover completely in these manual pages. If your system is properly configured, you can access the full documentation within SciGraphica under the Help menu.

SciGraphica is a scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics. It pretends to be a clone of the commercial (and for MS-Windows only) application "Microcal Origin". The aim is to obtain a fully-featured, cross-platform, user-friendly, self-growing scientific application. It fully supplies plotting features for 2D, 3D and polar charts. It is free and open-source, released under the GPL license.
  SciGraphica uses the Gtk+ Library as a toolkit (with optional Gnome support). SciGraphica should run on any platform, where Gtk+ runs. This is on all major Unix and Unix-type platforms, such as HP-UX, IRIX, GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.


SciGraphica supports the following command-line options:
-w[=nameor --worksheet[=name]
Starts SciGraphica in worksheet mode and optionally renames the worksheet to name.
-p[=nameor --plot[=name]
Starts SciGraphica in plot mode and optionally renames the plot to name.
-v or --version
Shows version information on the build of SciGraphica.
SciGraphica supports also the following generic command-line options from the Gtk+ Library:
Shows help message on Gtk+, GUI and Gnome options (only available when compiled with Gnome support).
Loads an additional Gtk module.
Makes all warnings fatal.
Gtk+ debugging flags to set.
Gtk+ debugging flags to unset.
X display to use.
Makes X calls synchronous.
Don't use X shared memory extension.
Program name as used by the window manager.
Program class as used by the window manager.


specifies the SciGraphica installation directory (by default /usr/local on Unix systems)
specifies the html document viewer/browser for SciGraphica


System generated configuration file
directory containing help documentation in HTML format
directory containing SciGraphica and python example files
directory containing python modules for SciGraphica
directory containing pixmaps used by SciGraphica
file with locale translations of SciGraphica messages
SHARE is the SciGraphica system directory. The default is SG_ROOT/share (/usr/local/share) on UNIX systems.



Full documentation is available in either SGML or HTML format.

The homepage of SciGraphica and its most recent version can be found at


There are probably still bugs in SciGraphica. Please report them to with detailed info, including which version of SciGraphica you use. Consult the bug-reporting instructions in the documentation (accessible from the Help menu in SciGraphica) first if possible.


Copyright (c) 2000 by Adrian E. Feiguin ( and the rest of the SciGraphica Team (see credits in the documentation).
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