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Version: August 2005 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


sfcbstage - Script to copy provider MOF and registration files to the Small-Footprint CIM Broker (sfcb) staging area


sfcbstage [options] [mof...]


sfcbstage copies provider mof and registration files to the sfcb staging area. Used to add classes to sfcb offline. The class repository must be rebuilt with sfcbrepos and the sfcb CIMOM restarted before changes take effect.


-n namespace
Namespace for which the class MOFs are to be registered. Default is root/cimv2
-s stagingdir
Path to sfcb staging area containing class MOFs and registration files Default is /var/lib/sfcb/stage
-r registrationfile
Path to the provider registration file.
Display usage information and exit.
Path(s) to one or more class MOF files containing the CIM class definitions for the class(es) implemented by the provider.


If set, the value of this variable is prepended to the registration directory names. This can be useful to store the repository in a different location, i.e. when cross-compiling providers.


Viktor Mihajlovski <>


The SBLIM project maintains a mailing list to which you should direct all questions regarding sfcb, sfcc, wbemcli, or any of the SBLIM providers. To subscribe to this mailing list visit

The SBLIM Project Bug tracking page can be found at
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2004, 2005


The Small-Footprint CIM Broker (sfcb) is a part of the SBLIM project. The most recent version is available on the web at


sfcbd(1), sfcbrepos(1), sfcbunstage(1)
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