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Version: 261218 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


Shanty - Makes a PostScript file from an image and some text.


shanty -i image_file [-t text_file] [-o output_file] [-s paper_size] [-d density] [-m margin] [-b background_color] [-x padding] [-n title] [-l orientation] [-rtl] [-btt] [-f font_name] [-altgd]


Shanty takes a text file and an image (PNG or JPG) and creates a PostScript file where one pixel in the image becomes one character in the PostScript.


-i, -image
Name of the image to load in. JPG and PNG images are supported. This is the only compulsory field.
-t, -text
Name of the text file to load in, if omitted STDIN is used.
-o, -output
Name of the PostScript file to produce, if omitted STDOUT is used.
-s, -size
Size of the paper to work with. This field should be one of: "a0", "a2", "a3", "a4", "a5", "a6", "letter", "broadsheet", "ledger", "tabloid", "legal", "executive" and "36x36". Default is "a4".
-d, -density
Density of the text. Higher numbers are more dense, default is 1.4.
-m, -margin
The margins of the page in cm. Default is 1.
-b, -background
The colour of a backing rectangle to place behind the text. Colours are specified as "R,G,B" with each value between 0 and 255. "off" means no backing colour. Default is "off".
-x, -p, -padding
Density of the text. Higher numbers are more dense, default is 1.4.
-n, -title
The title of the output to write as meta-data in the PostScript file. Default is "Shanty output".
-l, -orientation
The orientation of the paper, can be "portrait", "landscape" or "auto". Default is "auto".
Switch to right-to-left text.
Switch to bottom-to-top text.
-f, -font
Specify font. The font name specified must be visible to the not just make a font magically appear. Default is "Courier-Bold".
If you have problems loading the GD library, try this switch.




Duncan Martin <>


Many thanks to DFB <> and contributors to comp.lang.postscript.

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