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Langue: en

Version: 01/13/2010 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


sinntp - tiny non-interactive NNTP client


sinntp command [options...] [args...]



is a tiny NNTP client originally designed to work in non-interactive mode. Following operations are supported:
• sending articles to the server,
• fetching new articles to the mbox file,
• downloading individual messages in RFC822 format,
• listing available newsgroups.


sinntp provides following commands:

• get,
• list,
• pull,
• push.

Above commands may also be invoked via convenience wrappers named in nntp-command scheme (e.g. nntp-get). See wrappers' manual pages for command synopsis and description.



Show program's version number and exit.

-h, --help

Show short help message end exit.

-v, --verbose

Be more verbose (use multiple times to increase verbosity).

-q, --quiet

Be less verbose (use multiple times to decrease verbosity).

-p, --plugin=plugin

Load and use plugin.

-S, --server=server

Use specified server. If omitted sinntp will use address stored in /etc/nntp/server file or in NNTPSERVER variable (the latter takes precedence over the former).

-U, --username=username

Use specified username for authentication.

-P, --password=password

Use specified password for authentication.
Use with caution! The password may be visible to other users of the system.

-t, --timeout=timeout

Wait maximum timeout seconds during communication with the server.

Also, a particular command can support additional options.


Pulled and pushed messages can be altered by the plugin mechanism. Currently sinntp package includes following plugins:

mimify - add default charset to the message when it is not present,
strip_headers - strip specified headers from message.



Address of the default NNTP server. It can be overridden by --server option.


Location of sinntp data directory. See m[blue]XDG Base Directory Specificationm[][1] for details.



A file with NNTP server address. Can be overridden by NNTPSERVER environment variable or --server option.


Location of sinntp data files.


nntp-get(1), nntp-list(1), nntp-push(1), nntp-pull(1)

Copyright © 2009 Piotr Lewandowski, Jakub Wilk


XDG Base Directory Specification
la Sainte Victoire

voici l'été artisan
voici l'air sa tente
solaire ici vêtant
l'anisette voici râ

il se tait ni vorace
ni acéré soit vital
il avance si étroit
sa voie naît l'écrit

il écrit ta vanoise
va il écrit en toi sa
verticale toi sain
sinaï vectoriel ta

lévitation air sec
cloître vite anisé
cet Atlas ivoirien
toisera l'inactive

ainsi va cet orteil
il ôta ta cire viens
oisive là récitant

-- Chamontin, Élisabeth