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Version: 366934 (MeeGo - 06/11/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


sosreport - Generate debugging information for this system


          [-n|--skip-plugins plugin-names]
          [-e|--enable-plugins plugin-names]
          [-o|--only-plugins plugin-names]
          [-a|--alloptions] [-v|--verbose]
          [--diagnose] [--analyze] [--report]
          [--config-file conf] [--batch]
          [--build] [--name name] [--no-colors]
          [--ticket-number number] [--debug]
          [--upload] [--tmp-dir directory]
          [--profile] [--help]


sosreport generates a compressed tarball of debugging information for the system it is run on that can be sent to technical support reps that will give them a more complete view of the overall system status.


-l, --list-plugins
This will list all available plugins showing which ones will be enabled by the current configuration. It will also show all plugin options which can be modified using the -k option (see below).
-n, --skip-plugins PLUGNAME[,PLUGNAME]
Do not load specified plugin(s). To specify multiple plugins, separate them with a comma.
-e, --enable-plugins PLUGNAME[,PLUGNAME]
Enable the specified plugin(s). To specify multiple plugins, separate them with a comma.
-o, --only-plugins PLUGNAME[,PLUGNAME]
Enable the specified plugin(s) only (all other plugins should be disabled). To specify multiple plugins, separate them with a comma.
This is used to specify options for plugins. A list of available plugin options can be obtained from the output of --list-plugins. If no value is specified and the option is a boolean (on/off), it will be set to "on".
-a, --alloptions
Enable all (boolean) options for all loaded plugins.
--upload FTP_SERVER
Upload the report to Red Hat (use exclusively if advised from a Red Hat support representative).
-v, --verbose
Increase the verbosity of the output as sosreport is running. Multiple -v mean more verbosity.
Turn on diagnostic functions
Turn on analyzation functions
Enable html/xml report writing
--config-file CONFIG
Specify alternate configuration file
--tmp-dir DIRECTORY
Specify alternate temporary directory to copy data as well as the compressed report.
Perform data gathering unattended
--name NAME
Define a unique name for archive
--ticket-number NUMBER
Define a unique number for archive
Do not archive copied data, leave directory tree untouched for further modification
Disable colors written to console
Give opportunity to debug python exceptions through the python debugger.
Turn on profiling for cmds run
Display sosreport help system.


 Adam Stokes <>


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