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Version: DECEMBER 2001 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


spmonitor - Spread Monitoring and Adminstration client


spmonitor [-n proc_name] [-c config_file] [-t status_timeout] [-p port]


spmonitor Provides a general monitoring and administrative tool for the Spread system. The spmonitor program can send queries and commands to Spread daemons to either gather debugging or performance statistics, or to shut down specific daemons or change flow control parameters of the system to tune performance.

Some details about the effective use of the spmonitor program are contained in the Users Guide which is available from the Spread web site


-t status_timeout
The seconds between every status report. The default is 10.
-p port
The port number, to which the spmonitor program should connect in order to reach a Spread daemon.
-n proc_name
Force this daemon to be identified by a specific process name.
-c config-file
Use an alternate configuration file config-file instead of ./spread.conf.


The default config file location. /etc/spread.conf is also searched if a local file is not found.


The spmonitor works by sending UDP packets to the Spread daemon, so if network losses occur, commands or status reports can be lost. It can also lose reports when monitoring a large number of daemons.


Yair Amir <>

Jonathan Stanton <>

Spuser is Copyright 1998-2001 Spread Concepts, LLC.


libsp(3) spread(1)
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