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Version: 17 december 2008 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


st_snapshot.hourly - wrapper for st_snapshot





is a wrapper for st_snapshot. st_snapshot.hourly is to be run from cron.

It checks existence of the files /etc/systraq/i_want_a_broken_systraq and /etc/systraq/systraq_is_unconfigured . The file i_want_a_broken_systraq typically is empty; if it exists, st_snapshot.hourly exits immediately. Existence of this file "breaks" systraq: systraq will no longer warn when system configuration files changes, but will remain silent. If systraq_is_unconfigured exists, its contents are displayed and st_snapshot.hourly exits. The file systraq_is_unconfigured typically holds instructions on how to configure systraq, an example systraq_is_unconfigured file is shipped with the systraq tarball. If both files are missing, st_snapshot is called with appropriate arguments, either in "root" or in "public"-mode, depending on the ST_MODE environment variable.

Since the systraq tarball behaves sanely on a fresh default install, systraq_is_unconfigured is not installed by default. However, people preparing systraq binary packages typically can make good use of this file.

When systraq is installed from tarball the systraq cronjobs are not enabled. One typically enables them after having configured systraq, especially after the st_snapshot listfiles snapshot_pub.list, snapshot_pub.homelist, snapshot_root.list and snapshot_root.homelist in /etc/systraq are created. However, binary systraq packages typically enable the cronjobs without enforcing one-fits-all listfiles on the user.



If set to "root", run st_snapshot in root-mode.


Command for calculating file checksums. E.g. sha256sum, sha512sum, sha384sum, sha224sum or sha1sum. If unset, sha256sum is used. If unset and sha256sum is not found on the system while md5sum is found, md5sum is used and a warning is printed. Else, the script prints an error message and exits. ST_SUM is passed to and used by st_snapshot.


/etc/systraq/i_want_a_broken_systraq, /etc/systraq/systraq_is_unconfigured.


st_snapshot (1), The systraq Manual.


$Id: st_snapshot.hourly.dbx 352 2008-11-19 00:36:34Z joostvb $


Joost van Baal <>

Copyright © 2001-2008 Joost van Baal

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

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