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Langue: en

Version: 251825 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


tedia2sql - Convert Dia to SQL files


tedia2sql [options] -i <xml_in> -o <sql_out>


This manual page documents briefly the tedia2sql command. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

tedia2sql is an utility to translate Dia diagram files into SQL files with the commands necessary to recreate the represented UML structure.
It understands the following objects and translates them acordingly:
       - Class: Table or View if Abstract is selected

       - Association: Foreign Key

       - Component: Table content

For more information consult the documentation at the site or in the /usr/share/doc/ directory.


-v {1,2}
verbosity level
output less commented SQL code
add DROP statements to SQL output
separate diferent actions in diferent files
DB type. Supported types: postgres, mysql, sybase, oracle, db2, innodb
input file *NOT* gzipped. (Input format normally autodetected)
-i <xml_in>
Dia file
-o <sql_out>
SQL file to output to


This manual page was written by Leo Costela Antunes <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
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