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Langue: en

Version: NOV 2008 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


termit - lightweight terminal emulator


termit [-option ...]


termit is a vte-based lightweight terminal emulator. All configuration is done via Lua-scripts. The only other dependencies are Gtk+ and Vte.


-h or --help
Print help
-v or --version
Print version number
-e or --execute cmd
Use cmd as shell termit --execute=zsh
-i or --init file
Use file instead of default rc.lua termit --init=session.lua


Per user configuration file. See section TERMIT LUA API for further details.
Example rc.lua file. Demonstrates usage of almost all available settings.



setOptions ( opts ) - Changes default options.
    opts - table with new options: setKeys ( keys ) - Changes default keybindings.
    keys - table of TermitKeybindings type. setKbPolicy ( kb_policy ) - Sets keyuboard policy for shortcuts.
    kb_policy - string with one of those values:
        keycode - use hardware keyboard codes (XkbLayout-independent)
        keysym - use keysym values (XkbLayout-dependent) setColormap ( colormap ) - Sets new colormap.
    colormap - array with 8 or 16 or 24 colors. bindKey ( keys , luaFunction ) - Sets new keybinding. If luaFunction is nil removes keybinding.
    keys - string with keybinding
    luaFunction - callback function bindMouse ( event , luaFunction ) - Sets new mouse-binding. If luaFunction is nil removes mouse-binding.
    event - string with one of those values: DoubleClick
    luaFunction - callback function openTab ( tabInfo ) - Opens new tab.
    tabinfo - table of TermitTabInfo with tab settings. prevTab () - Activates previous tab. nextTab () - Activates next tab. closeTab () - Closes active tab. activateTab ( tab_index ) - Activates tab by index.
    tab_index - index of tab to activate. Index of the first tab is 1. copy () - Copies selection into tab's buffer. paste () - Pastes tab's buffer. selection () - Returns selected text from current tab. addMenu ( menu ) - Adds menu in menubar.
    menu - table of TermitMenuItem type. addPopupMenu ( menu ) Adds menu in popup menu, similar to addMenu.
    menu - table of TermitMenuItem type. setEncoding ( encoding ) - Changes encoding for active tab.
    encoding - string with encoding name. setTabTitle ( tabTitle ) - Changes title for active tab.
    tabTitle - string with new tab title. setWindowTitle ( title ) - Changes termit window title.
    title - string with new title. setTabForegroundColor ( color ) - Changes foreground (e.g. font) color for active tab.
    color - string with new color. setTabBackgroundColor ( color ) - Changes background color for active tab.
    color - string with new color. spawn ( command ) - Spawns command (works via shell).
    command - string with command and arguments. reconfigure () - Sets all configurable variables to defaults and forces rereading rc.lua. currentTabIndex () - Returns current tab index. currentTab () - Returns current tab of TermitTabInfo. Types:

TermitTabInfo - table with termit options.
    tabName - default tab name
    encoding - default encoding
    wordChars - word characters (double click selects word)
    font - font name
    fillTabbar - expand tabs' titles to fill whole tabbar
    allowChangingTitle - auto change title (similar to xterm)
    audibleBell - enables audible bell
    visibleBell - enables visible bell
    urgencyOnBell - set WM-hint 'urgent' on termit window when bell
    getWindowTitle - lua function to generate new window title
    getTabTitle - lua function to generate new tab title
    transparentBackground - use transparency
    transparentSaturation - level of saturation [0,1]
    geometry - cols x rows to start with TermitTabInfo - table with tab settings:
    pid - process id
    font - font string
    fontSize - font size TermitMenuItem - table for menuitems.
    name - name for menuitem
    action - lua-function or string to execute when item activated. String values are deprecated. TermitKeybindings - table with predefined keybindings.
    prevTab - 'Alt-Left'
    nextTab - 'Alt-Right'
    openTab - 'Ctrl-t'
    closeTab - 'Ctrl-w'
    copy - 'Ctrl-Insert'
    paste - 'Shift-Insert' Globals:

tabs - table with tab settings, access specific tabs by index.


Look inside provided rc.lua.example.


After start sometimes there is black screen. Resizing termit window helps.


Evgeny Ratnikov <ratnikov.ev at gmail dot com>


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