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Version: May 2009 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


thin - fast and very simple Ruby web server


thin [options] start|stop|restart|config|install


Server options:

-a, --address HOST
bind to HOST address (default:
-p, --port PORT
use PORT (default: 3000)
-S, --socket FILE
bind to unix domain socket
-y, --swiftiply [KEY]
Run using swiftiply
-A, --adapter NAME
Rack adapter to use (default: autodetect) (rails, ramaze, halcyon, merb, mack, mack, file)
-R, --rackup FILE
Load a Rack config file instead of Rack adapter
-c, --chdir DIR
Change to dir before starting
--stats PATH
Mount the Stats adapter under PATH

Adapter options:

-e, --environment ENV
Framework environment (default: development)
--prefix PATH
Mount the app under PATH (start with /)

Daemon options:

-d, --daemonize
Run daemonized in the background
-l, --log FILE
File to redirect output (default: log/thin.log)
-P, --pid FILE
File to store PID (default: tmp/pids/
-u, --user NAME
User to run daemon as (use with -g)
-g, --group NAME
Group to run daemon as (use with -u)
--tag NAME
Additional text to display in process listing

Cluster options:

-s, --servers NUM
Number of servers to start
-o, --only NUM
Send command to only one server of the cluster
-C, --config FILE
Load options from config file
--all [DIR]
Send command to each config files in DIR

Tuning options:

-b, --backend CLASS
Backend to use, full classname
-t, --timeout SEC
Request or command timeout in sec (default: 30)
-f, --force
Force the execution of the command
--max-conns NUM
Maximum number of connections (default: 1024) Might require sudo to set higher then 1024
--max-persistent-conns NUM
Maximum number of persistent connections (default: 512)
Call the Rack application in threads [experimental]
Disable the use of epoll

Common options:

-r, --require FILE
require the library
-D, --debug
Set debbuging on
-V, --trace
Set tracing on (log raw request/response)
-h, --help
Show this message
-v, --version
Show version


The full documentation for thin is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and thin programs are properly installed at your site, the command
info thin

should give you access to the complete manual.

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