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Version: 330006 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ttx2xgf - extracts instructions from a TTX file and creates an Xgridfit program.


ttx2xgf [options] infile[.ttx] [outfile]


ttx2xgf is a utility that extracts instructions (hints) and other information relating to instructions from a TTX file (an XML representation of a TrueType font) and creates a new Xgridfit program.

If infile lacks the .ttx extension, it is assumed. If outfile is not given, output is written to infile.xgf.


Path to a configuration file (relative paths are permitted). If this is not given, ttx2xgf will look first for a file config.xml in the current directory, next in the user's Xgridfit configuration directory, and finally in the Xgridfit base directory.
Display diagnostic messages (for debugging).
-E, --elapsed-time
Time the running of this program and display the result.
Select a preferred XSLT processsor; ttx2xgf will use this one if possible.


An XSLT script that performs the initial conversion.
A Sed script that completes the conversion.


xgridfit(1), xgfconfig(1), ttx(1)


ttx2xgf was written by Peter Baker <>.

This manual page was written by Peter Baker

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