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Langue: en

Version: 2007-08-23 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


tv_grab_pt - Grab TV listings for Portugal.


tv_grab_pt --help

tv_grab_pt [--config-file FILE] --configure [--gui OPTION]

tv_grab_pt [--config-file FILE] [--output FILE] [--quiet] [--icons]

tv_grab_pt --list-channels


Output TV listings for several channels available in Portugal. It supports the public network and the private NetCabo network.

First run tv_grab_pt --configure to choose, which channels you want to download. Then running tv_grab_pt with no arguments will output listings in XML format to standard output.

--configure Prompt for which channels, and write the configuration file.

--gui OPTION Use this option to enable a graphical interface to be used. OPTION may be 'Tk', or left blank for the best available choice. Additional allowed values of OPTION are 'Term' for normal terminal output (default) and 'TermNoProgressBar' to disable the use of Term::ProgressBar.

--config-file FILE Set the name of the configuration file, the default is ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_pt.conf. This is the file written by --configure and read when grabbing.

--output FILE Write to FILE rather than standard output.

--quiet Suppress the progress messages normally written to standard error.

--icons Fetches channels icons/logos

--version Show the version of the grabber.

--help Print a help message and exit.




Bruno Tavares,, based on tv_grab_es, from Ramon Roca.

Grabber Site :


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