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Version: 329701 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


untex - strip LaTeX comands from input


untex [ options ] [ files ... ]


Untex removes some LaTeX commands from the files listed in the arguments (or standard input) and prints the output to standard output.


read from standard input.
remove options to LaTeX commands, i. e. everything in brackets [] behind a command.
process "\include{file}" and "\input{file}" and "\input file" commands.
(try to) remove all math code.
replace all \"a (etc.) with ibm (CP850) characters.
replace all \"a (etc.) with ISO characters.
replace all \"a (etc.) with ascii characters.
replace all "a (etc., from german.sty) with ibm (CP850) characters.
replace all "a (etc., from german.sty) with ISO characters.
replace all "a (etc., from german.sty) with ascii characters.
remove environment names.
remove arguments of commands (not recommended).
-g implies -u, -a implies -o.


latex, tex, detex


The -g and -u options only work for german accented characters. Not fixed due to lack of time, any help is appreciated. The \includeonly command is ignored.

Using -u option in a UTF-8 terminal doesn't work. Using it alone in a Latin1 terminal doesn't work either, you must also add -uiso.


Untex was written by Michael Staats (michael@hal6000.thp.Uni-Duisburg.DE). The -gascii and -uascii options were added by Denis Endisch ( Thanks to Subhasish Mazumdar ( for some hints for improvements and bug reports.

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