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Version: 2007-07-30 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


update-metainit - Generates init scripts


update-metainit [--remove initname [--purge] ]


Metainit solves the problem of writing good init scripts. Instead of manually creating these important files, they are derived from a declaritive description in the metainit files in /etc/metainit. These files can be shipped with packages or created by the local administrator.

If update-metainit called without argument, it will regenerate init scripts for all the files in /etc/metainit. The generated files contain a large warning in form of a comment that they will be overridden. Modifications are preferably done in the files in /etc/metainit and made effective by running update-metainit. If needed, the administrator can prevent modified init files by removing the warning comment.


--remove initname
This command will remove any generated and non-modified scripts that were created by the metainit file with the name initname.
Only usable with --remove. Will remove the generated files even if modified.




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