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Version: 254091 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


WMSPACEWEATHER - Dockable Space Weather Monitor


wmSpaceWeather [-h] [-display <Display>] [-noblink]


wmSpaceWeather is a space weather monitor. The monitor shows: 2 relativistic electron and 3 relativistic proton flux levels at geosyncronous orbit (currently from the NOAA GOES spacecraft), current Solar Flare X-ray flux, and the last 8 3-hour Kp index values.

Large fluxes of relativistic (aka `Killer') electrons can cause harmful `deep-dielectric' charging/discharging events inside satellites. High proton fluxes (`Solar Energetic Proton' or SEP events) can cause single event upsets in satellite electronics. The Kp index is a measure of how disturbed the Earth's magnetic field has been over a 3-hour interval. Kp can range from 0-9, where 0 is quiet and 9 is very disturbed. The Kp values shown are the 8 previous values (i.e. the last 24 hours). Have a look at for further information. If the display is up-to-date, the LED next to the Kp bars will flash blue. If the display is not up-to-date, the LED will flash orange.


Display list of command-line options.
-url <URL>
Open the given URL into a web browser, when double clicking with left mouse button.
-display [display]
Use an alternate X Display. -display [display] Use an alternate X Display.
Disable LED flashing (Debian extension).


Let me know if/when you find any.


The Debian version of wmWeather uses curl instead of wget. You may edit /usr/share/wmspaceweather/GetKp if you don't like it.


Michael G. Henderson <>
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