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Version: April 20, 2000 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


wmstock - a stock ticker dock app for Window Maker


wmstock [-hruv] [--help] [--nonuke] [--reverse] [--version] [-d DELAY] [--delay=DELAY] [-l DELAY] [--dldelay=DELAY] [-b BROWSER] [--browser=BROWSER] [-o OPEN-CLOSE TIME] [--open=OPEN-CLOSE TIME] [--newversion]
[-t DELAY] [--time2next=DELAY] StockSymbols...


wmstock is a stock ticker dock app for Window Maker. It displays stock quote data and cycles through tickers. wmstock is designed to dock with the Window Maker dock, but it will run as a 64x64 window an any window manager. wmstock is also very efficient with colors, and is 8-bit friendly.

The webpage is located at and the newest release will be available there.


To use wmstock you must have PERL and wget installed and in your path. Consult the INSTALL file for more details.


-d DELAY, --delay=DELAY
wait DELAY seconds before downloading new data. Default: 300 seconds (5 minutes).
-h, --help
display usage information and exit
-b, --browser=BROWSER
enter the full path to your web browser here. If you enter the path, it will allow you to right click on a stock and go to the Yahoo page to see more information and a chart. Note to lynx users, your best bet for a path is to enter (this will of course load lynx in a new xterm): "xterm -e /usr/bin/lynx" Don't forget the quotes!
-l DELAY, --dldelay=DELAY
**DEPRECATED** wait DELAY minutes between downloading data and updating the internal data and display
Note: This is no longer needed because I wait for the download child to finish before updating the display.
-r, --reverse
display the tickers in reverse order, ie. if you enter them as SUNW HWP EGRP it will show EGRP first, then HWP...
-t DELAY, --time2next=DELAY
wait DELAY seconds between switching the display from one ticker to the next
Default: 10 seconds
-u, --nonuke
do not delete old quote data files out of ~/.wmstock
Note: wmstock will still download and overwrite the old files anyway. I use this for my own debugging purposes, but someone out there may have a reason to use this....
-o, --open=OPEN-CLOSE TIME
set the open and close time of the stock market (in 24 hour time format) relative to YOUR time zone. wmstock will only download quote information during these times, furthur minimizing bandwidth and CPU usage.
Note: The NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX are open from 9:30 to 16:00 EST. The quotes from Yahoo are on a 20 minute delay, so you will want to add 20 minutes to this time. Myself, I live in the central timezone, so I also want to subtract an hour. So, for example, I write this... --open=8:50-15:20
-v, --version
output version information and exit
-e, --newversion
Check the webpage for a new version and exit


wmstock -o8:50-15:20 --browser=/usr/bin/netscape --delay=10 FDX HWP T OV


Right Click - opens the stock ticker page for the quote that you are looking at.
Left Click - advance to the next stock.


See CHANGES documents in source distribution for list of bugs and bug fixes.

Mail all bug reports/suggestions to specifying the version and machine type you are using. Use 'uname -a' to explain the machine type.

Please read all documentation before asking for help!


Matt Fischer
Dallas, TX (USA)

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