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Version: Feb 1998 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


XFMail - XForms based mailer application


xfmail [ options ] [ address , address ]


XFMail is an X11 application for managing electronic mail. It was created using the XForms library toolkit by T.C. Zhao and Mark Overmars.

Three different types of mailboxes (folders) are supported:
 - standard unix mailbox (elm-style)
 - MH (compatible with mhtools)
 - IMAP (located on IMAP4 or IMAP4rev1 servers)

XFMail supports the POP, SMTP, and IMAP e-mail protocols and has full MIME support.

PGP encryption/decryption is supported through an external PGP utility.

See Help/Contents in the main menu for more info.


The command line options/arguments are:
Send mail to address.
Display help message
-display display
This option specifies the X server to contact.
-geometry geom
This option specifies the size and/or location of the window.
Use private colormap
Use standard colormap
Use shared colormap
Enable double buffering
-bw width
Set controls border width (-3 ... 3)
Start iconized
Run in readonly mode. Changes to configuration files will not be saved. More than one copy of XFMail can be started from the same account.
-cfgfile <file>
Use <file> instead of .xfmailrc (Can be also set through XFMAILRC environment variable)
-cfgdir <dir>
Set XFMail configuration directory to <dir> instead of ~/.xfmail/ (Can be also set through XFMAILDIR environment variable)
Go directly into message composer (this mode is choosed automatically if any <addrs> are specified)
-message <file>
Use <file> as message text (- for stdin)
Signifies that <file> used with -message contains message header as well
-subject , -s <subject>
Specify message subject (be careful to quote subjects containing spaces.)


The following environment variables affect the execution of XFMail:
The location of .xfmailrc configuration file (default is ~/.xfmail/.xfmailrc)
The directory which holds XFMail configuration files (default is ~/.xfmail/)
Your username
Your home directory


xforms(5), X(1), RFC822
See for more details


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