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Version: 265590 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


xfmedia-remote - Xfce Media Player remote tool


This manual page documents briefly the xfmedia-remote command, which allows you to remotely interact with the Xfmedia program.

xfmedia is a lightweight and easy to use media player for the Xfce Desktop Environment. The Gtk+ GUI focuses on playing and managing audio files, but, being based on xine, supports video as well.


xfmedia-remote [options]


-h, --help
Prints help message and exits.
-V, --version
Prints version information and exits.
Specify the number of an already-running instance of Xfmedia. (Defaults to 0, or the first instance found).
Checks to see if an instance of Xfmedia is running.
-p, --play[=N]
Causes Xfmedia to play the file at playlist idx N. If N is not specified, Xfmedia will play the currently selected entry, or, if no item is selected, the first entry. If used in conjunction with --playlist-add, will cause Xfmedia to play the newly-added entry.
Causes Xfmedia to pause if playing, or play if paused.
Causes Xfmedia to pause/unpause.
Causes Xfmedia to stop playback.
Causes Xfmedia to play the previous entry in the playlist.
Causes Xfmedia to play the next entry in the playlist. If Xfmedia is in shuffle mode, a new entry will be selected randomly.
-a, --playlist-add=FILE
Adds FILE to the end of the playlist.
-r, --playlist-remove=N
Removes the specified entry from the playlist.
-c, --playlist-clear
Removes all entries from the playlist.
-l, --playlist-load=FILE
Loads the specified playlist. Note that this does NOT first clear the playlist.
-s, --playlist-save=FILE
Saves the current playlist to the specified FILE.
-Q, --quit
Instructs Xfmedia to quit.
-j, --jump-to-file
Causes Xfmedia to show the main window (if not visible) and show the jump-to-file entry box.


xfmedia was written by Brian Tarricone <>.

This manual page was written by Rudy Godoy <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

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