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Version: 331957 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


xwax - Digital vinyl on Linux


xwax [options]


xwax is vinyl emulation software for Linux. It allows DJs and turntablists to playback digital audio files (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC and more), controlled using a normal pair of turntables via timecoded vinyls.


The ordering of options is important; many options apply to to subsequent music libraries or decks, which can be given multiple times. See the EXAMPLES below.

-l path
Scan the music library at the given path.
-t name
Use the named timecode for subsequent decks. See -h for a list of valid timecodes. You will need the corresponding timecode signal on vinyl to control playback.
-i path
Use the given importer executable for subsequent decks.
-s path
Use the given scanner executable to scan subsequent music libraries.
Display the help message and default values.


The following options are available only when xwax is compiled with ALSA support.

-a device
Create a deck which uses the given ALSA device (eg. plughw:0).
-r hz
Set the sample rate for subsequent decks.
-m milliseconds
Set the ALSA buffer time for subsequent decks.


The following options are available only when xwax is compiled with JACK support.

-j name
Create a deck which connects to JACK and registers under the given name.

xwax does not set the sample rate for JACK devices; it uses the sample rate given in the global JACK configuration.


The following options are available only when xwax is compiled with OSS support.

-d pathname
Create a deck which uses the given OSS device (eg. /dev/dsp).
-r hz
Set the sample rate for subsequent decks.
-b n
Set the number of OSS buffers for subsequent decks.
-f n
Set the OSS buffer size (2^n bytes).


The playback of each deck (direction, speed and position) is controlled via the incoming timecode signal from the turntables. The keyboard provides additional controls.

Record selection controls:

cursor up, cursor down
Move highlighted record up/down by one.
page up, page down
Scroll the record listing up/down by one page.
left cursor, right cursor
Switch to the previous/next crate of records.
Toggle between the current crate and the 'All records' crate.

To filter the current list of records type a portion of a record name. Separate multiple searches with a space, and use backspace to delete.

Deck-specific controls:

Deck 0 Deck 1 Deck 2
F1 F5 F9 Load currently selected track to this deck
F2 F6 F10 Reset start of track to the current position
F3 F7 F11 Disconnect turntable control
F4 F8 F12 Reconnect turntable control

Audio display controls:

+, -
Zoom in/out the close-up audio meters for all decks.


2-deck setup using one directory of music and OSS devices:

xwax -l ~/music -d /dev/dsp -d /dev/dsp1

As above, but using ALSA devices:

xwax -l ~/music -d hw:0 -d hw:1

2-deck setup using a different timecode on each deck:

xwax -l ~/music -t serato_2a -d hw:0 -t mixvibes_v2 -d hw:1

3-deck setup with the third deck at a higher sample rate:

xwax -l ~/music -r 48000 -a hw:0 -a hw:1 -r 96000 -a hw:2

Using all three device types simultaneously, one deck on each:

xwax -l ~/music -a hw:0 -d /dev/dsp1 -j jack0

Scan multiple music libraries:

xwax -l ~/music -l ~/sounds -l ~/mixes -a hw:0

Scan a second music library using a custom script:

xwax -l ~/music -i ./custom-scan -l ~/sounds -a hw:0



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