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Version: December 16, 2007 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


XXV - (Xtreme eXtension for VDR) provides a central service to administer VDR


xxvd [--configfile= FILE] [--logfile= FILE] [--pidfile= FILE] [--localedir= DIR] [--moduledir= DIR] [--docudir= DIR] [--poddir= DIR] [--htmldir= DIR] [--fontdir= DIR] [--newsmods= DIR] [--newstmpl= DIR] [--kill] [--verbose= LEVEL] [--version] [--nofork]


xxvd is daemon behind XXV. XXV provides a central service to administer VDR, it's contain a http daemon, a telnet server and a WAP server among other services. And is extendable by plugins and skins. XXV allows to manage timers, auto timers, channels, recordings and much more provided by VDR


Use FILE as config file for XXV. The config file is modified by XXV, so it shall not be read-only.
Output all log messages to FILE.
Write process id of xxvd daemon to FILE.
Search for locales in DIR. DIR should contain the typical locales structure with XXV's translations. (eg. de/LC_MESSAGES/
Search for modules (plugins) in DIR.
Directory DIR with template files used for generate documentation.
Generate the selfdocumentation files in DIR. Documentation files are generated by XXV, so it shall be writable.
XXV searchs for it's html templates in DIR. Each subdirectory in DIR is seen as a set of templates (Skin).
XXV searchs usable fonts in DIR.
XXV use some external scripts in DIR.
xxvd search for news modules (news plugins) in DIR.
XXV searches for news templates in DIR.
Kill daemon xxvd.
Select the verbose LEVEL of the logged messages of XXV.
0 - Don't log messages
1 - Errors only
2 - Messages depends user action
3 - More events
5 - Lots of messages
>5 - Messages with dump of caller stack
Display the version number and exit.
Debug mode: don't fork to the background.


This manual page was written by Tobias Grimm<<>>.

(December 16, 2007)

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