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Version: 260225 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


yapps - create a Python module from a grammar file


yapps [ --dump ] [ --use-devel-grammar ] [ -fcontext-insensitive-scanner ] [ -p pid ] [ -f ] input.g [ ] name


  --dump                           Dump out grammar information
    --use-devel-grammar              Use the devel grammar parser from instead of the stable grammar from
         -fcontext-insensitive-scanner Scan all tokens (see docs)

yapps generates a Python program which will parse a given grammar.


Dump the grammar information to stdout.
Use the grammar file in ./ instead of yapps/
This option is useful for testing new grammar parsers. (Yes, yapps' parser is itself written with yapps...)
Set the option to use the non-context-sensitive scanner.


yapps implements a recursive-descent scanner.


Written by Amit J. Patel <>.
This version was enhanced by Matthias Urlichs <>. It is not downwards-compatible with the original yapps2 (yet) and uses a different runtime library.
See the change log for details.
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