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Version: 148267 (fedora - 04/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


zenon - Automated theorem prover for first-order classical logic




Zenon is an automated theorem prover for first order classical logic with equality, based on the tableau method. Zenon can read input files in TPTP, Coq, Focal, and its own Zenon format. Zenon can directly generate Coq proofs (proof scripts or proof terms), which can be reinserted into Coq specifications. Zenon can also be extended.


If file is "-", it will read input from stdin.

provide context for checking the proof independently
debug mode
-errmsg <message>
prefix warnings and errors with <message>
-help, --help
print this option list and exit
-I <dir>
add <dir> to the include path (for TPTP input format)
read input file in Coq format
read input file in Focal format
read input file in TPTP format
read input file in Zenon format (default)
path to Zenon's coq libraries (default /usr/share/zenon)
-max <s>[kMGT]/<i>[kMGT]/<t>[smhd]
set size, step, and time limits
-max-size <s>[kMGT]
limit heap size to <s> kilo/mega/giga/tera word (default 100M)
-max-step <i>[kMGT]
limit number of steps to <s> kilo/mega/giga/tera (default 10k)
-max-time <t>[smhd]
limit CPU time to <t> second/minute/hour/day (default 5m)
print the proof in Coq script format
print the proof in Coq term format
<n> print the proof in high-level format up to depth <n>
print the proof in low-level format
print the proof in raw low-level format
print the proof in middle-level format
do not print the proof (default)
do not optimise the proof
do peephole optimisation of the proof (default)
turn off progress bar and progress messages
display progress bar (default)
display progress messages
(quiet) suppress proof-found/no-proof/begin-proof/end-proof
prefix all input symbols to avoid clashes
-rnd <seed>
randomize proof search
print statistics
output a less detailed proof
print version string and exit
print CVS version strings and exit
suppress warnings
print the location of the zenon library and exit
-wout <file>
output errors and warnings to <file> instead of stderr
-x <ext>
activate extension <ext>


The command:

  zenon -itptp -ocoq /usr/share/zenon*/examples/tptp-COM003+2.p
will take the input file "tptp-COM003+2.p" in TPTP format (-itptp), search for a proof, and produce any proof output in Coq format (-ocoq). tptp-COM003+2.p is a TPTP representation of the halting problem. Zenon can prove this, and will print out:





This man page was written by David A. Wheeler.

Zenon is released under the revised BSD license. This man page is released under both the revised BSD and MIT licenses (your choice).
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