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cyberpower - Serial Driver for most Cyber Power Systems UPS equipment


This man page only documents the hardware-specific features of the cyberpower driver. For information about the core driver, see nutupsdrv(8).


This driver supports connections over a serial port for most AVR models. It was developed on the 700AVR, but has also been reported to work on the 320AVR, 500AVR, 650AVR, 800AVR, 850AVR, 900AVR, 1250AVR, and 1500AVR.

The Power99 device is not supported by this driver (use the genericups driver instead). Also, CPS825VA, 1100AVR, and 1500AVR-HO are not supported (try the powerpanel driver instead).

This driver does not support connections over a USB port. To connect to a Cyber Power UPS over a USB port, use the usbhid-ups driver. This has been reported to work for the 685AVR and possibly other models.


This driver does not support any extra settings in the ups.conf(5).


The protocol for this UPS is not officially documented.

Some variables may not be reported correctly on models other than those used by the developers. This is partly due to the strange nonlinear relations between the reported values and their meanings on this hardware.


The core driver:


Internet resources:

The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page:
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