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Version: 328616 (ubuntu - 08/07/09)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


hobbitd_sample - example of a hobbitd worker module


hobbitd_channel --channel=status hobbitd_sample [options]


hobbitd_sample is a worker module for hobbitd, and as such it is normally run via the hobbitd_channel(8) program. It receives messages from hobbitd via stdin, and simply displays these on stdout. It can be used with all types of hobbitd channels.

hobbitd_sample is not designed to actually run, except as a demonstration. The purpose of this tool is to show how hobbitd worker modules can be implemented to handle different tasks that need to hook into the hobbitd processing.


Read messages with a timeout of N seconds.
Enable debugging output.


hobbitd_channel(8), hobbitd(8), hobbit(7)
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