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Version: 2006-10-22 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


loop-aes-runtests - Testsuite for loop-AES kernel modules and userspace tools


loop-aes-runtests [ options ]


The loop-aes-runtests command checks whether loop-AES encryption kernel modules and userspace tools work correctly, i.e. whether they produce the expected output for all supported encryption modes and ciphers.

If this testsuite fails, it may indicate a risk of data corruption and you should not use the modules and tools. We kindly ask you to file a bug report in this case and include the output of this command.

Internally this command calls the tests target of the Makefile which comes with the loop-AES distribution.

This command exits with 0 if the tests completed successfully and displays "*** Test results ok ***" when running in verbose mode. A non-zero exit code indicates a problem running one or more tests.


Show detailed output.


This manual page was written by Max Vozeler <> for the Debian project and is dedicated to the public domain.

The loop-AES testsuite was written by Jari Ruusu <>.

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