Langue: en

Version: 385738 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


new-kernel-package - tool to script kernel installation


new-kernel-package [-v] [--mkinitrd] [--rminitrd] [--dracut]
       [--initrdfile=initrd-image [--depmod] [--rmmoddep]
       [--kernel-args=args] [--remove-args=args]
       [--banner=banner] [--multiboot=multiboot]
       [--mbargs=mbargs] [--make-default] [--add-dracut-args]
       [--add-plymouth-initrd] [--host-only]
       <--install | --remove | --update | --rpmposttrans> <kernel-version>


new-kernel-pkg is a tool used in packaging to automate the installation of a new kernel, including the creation of an initial ram filesystem image, updating of bootloader configuration, and other associated tasks.


Be verbose.
Create a new initial ram filesystem image.
Remove an initial ram filesystem image.
When creating a new initial ram filesystem image, use dracut(8) rather than mkinitrd(8). Used in conjunction with --mkinitrd .
Use the specified file as the initial ram filesystem image.
Create modules.dep and related files.
Remove modules.dep and related files.
Use args as the boot command line for this kernel.
Remove specified kernel arguments for this kernel.
Display banner as the banner text in the bootloader.
Use multiboot-image as a multiboot image.
Use mbargs as arguments to the multiboot image.
Make this kernel the default boot option.
Automatically generate dracut options and add them to the kernel command line.
Automatically add plymouth to the initial ram filesystem image.
Make an initial ram filesystem image that is specific to the running system.
--install kernel-version
Install a new kernel.
--remove kernel-version
Remove an installed kernel.
--update kernel-version
Update the specified kernel.
--rpmposttrans kernel-version
Run the rpmposttrans for the specified kernel.


grubby(8) installkernel(8)


 Erik Troan
 Jeremy Katz
 Peter Jones