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Version: 385842 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


volmunge - manipulates objects within Coda


volmunge <-adfmov> dir

Prints out everything but does not cross volume boundaries.


Prints out UNIX directories, but not volume mount points.


Prints out all objects which are not volume mount points (eg UNIX files and UNIX directories); this preforms a stat() call on all non-volume objects which is ideal for forcing resolution on a volume.


Prints out those objects which are volume mount points.


Prints out those objects which are UNIX files and preforms an open() call on the file.


Prints out the volume name of a volume's mount point.


volmunge: is ideal for identifying Coda objects versus regular UNIX files (including UNIX directories) stored within the Coda filesystem. It will work recursively.

Because the, -f and -o, call the stat(), and open() functions respectively, resolution many be forced with volmunge if one is reconstituting a replicated Coda volume or group of volumes mounted on top of each other.


find (1), perl (1)


Henry M. Pierce, 1998, created

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