Langue: en

Version: 363930 (ubuntu - 25/10/10)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


vzlist - containers listing utility


vzlist [-a|-S] [-n] [-H] [-o name[,name...]] [-s [-]name] [-h pattern] [-N pattern] [-d pattern] [CTID [CTID ...] | -1]

vzlist -L


This utility is used for listing containers and their parameters. By default only running containers are listed. If one or more CTIDs are specified, only specified containers are displayed. CTID of -1 is used to output CT IDs only, one per line.

For the fields that can have many values (e.g. ip), all the values are displayed only for the last (i.e. leftmost) column; otherwise, only the first value is shown.


-a, --all
List all containers.
-S, --stopped
List only stopped containers.
-n, --name
Display container names instead of hostnames.
-H, --no-header
Suppress displaying the header row.
-o, --output field[,field...]
Display only the specified fields (see STANDARD FIELDS subsection below).
-s, --sort [-]field
Sort by the value of field (possible arguments are the same as for -o). The - before the field name means sorting in the reverse order.

Output filters

List of CTs can be further filtered using the following options. For patterns one can use the same wildcards as in shell (i.e. *, ?, and []). Note: to avoid expansion of wildcards by the shell, one have to escape the pattern by either putting it into single quotes (like 'a*a') or by adding a backslash before the wildcard character (like a\*a).
-h, --hostname pattern
List only containers whose hostnames matches the pattern.
-N, --name_filter pattern
List only containers whose names matches the pattern.
-d, --description pattern
List only containers with descriptions matching the pattern.

Possible fields

-L, --list
list all available format specifiers.


These may be used to control both output (-o, --output) and the sorting order (-s, --sort).
Suffix Description






Value Header

ctid CTID
hostname HOSTNAME
name NAME
description DESCRIPTION
ostemplate OSTEMPLATE
status STATUS
kmemsize KMEMSIZE
kmemsize.m KMEMSIZE.M
kmemsize.b KMEMSIZE.B
kmemsize.l KMEMSIZE.L
kmemsize.f KMEMSIZE.F
lockedpages LOCKEDP
lockedpages.m LOCKEDP.M
lockedpages.b LOCKEDP.B
lockedpages.l LOCKEDP.L
lockedpages.f LOCKEDP.F
privvmpages PRIVVMP
privvmpages.m PRIVVMP.M
privvmpages.b PRIVVMP.B
privvmpages.l PRIVVMP.L
privvmpages.f PRIVVMP.F
shmpages SHMP
shmpages.m SHMP.M
shmpages.b SHMP.B
shmpages.l SHMP.L
shmpages.f SHMP.F
numproc NPROC
numproc.m NPROC.M
numproc.b NPROC.B
numproc.l NPROC.L
numproc.f NPROC.F
physpages PHYSP
physpages.m PHYSP.M
physpages.b PHYSP.B
physpages.l PHYSP.L
physpages.f PHYSP.F
vmguarpages VMGUARP
vmguarpages.m VMGUARP.M
vmguarpages.b VMGUARP.B
vmguarpages.l VMGUARP.L
vmguarpages.f VMGUARP.F
oomguarpages OOMGUARP
oomguarpages.m OOMGUARP.M
oomguarpages.b OOMGUARP.B
oomguarpages.l OOMGUARP.L
oomguarpages.f OOMGUARP.F
numtcpsock NTCPSOCK
numtcpsock.m NTCPSOCK.M
numtcpsock.b NTCPSOCK.B
numtcpsock.l NTCPSOCK.L
numtcpsock.f NTCPSOCK.F
numflock NFLOCK
numflock.m NFLOCK.M
numflock.b NFLOCK.B
numflock.l NFLOCK.L
numflock.f NFLOCK.F
numpty NPTY
numpty.m NPTY.M
numpty.b NPTY.B
numpty.l NPTY.L
numpty.f NPTY.F
numsiginfo NSIGINFO
numsiginfo.m NSIGINFO.M
numsiginfo.b NSIGINFO.B
numsiginfo.l NSIGINFO.L
numsiginfo.f NSIGINFO.F
tcpsndbuf TCPSNDB
tcpsndbuf.m TCPSNDB.M
tcpsndbuf.b TCPSNDB.B
tcpsndbuf.l TCPSNDB.L
tcpsndbuf.f TCPSNDB.F
tcprcvbuf TCPRCVB
tcprcvbuf.m TCPRCVB.M
tcprcvbuf.b TCPRCVB.B
tcprcvbuf.l TCPRCVB.L
tcprcvbuf.f TCPRCVB.F
othersockbuf OTHSOCKB
othersockbuf.m OTHSOCKB.M
othersockbuf.b OTHSOCKB.B
othersockbuf.l OTHSOCKB.L
othersockbuf.f OTHSOCKB.F
dgramrcvbuf DGRAMRRB
dgramrcvbuf.m DGRAMRRB.M
dgramrcvbuf.b DGRAMRRB.B
dgramrcvbuf.l DGRAMRRB.L
dgramrcvbuf.f DGRAMRRB.F
numothersock NOTHSOCK
numothersock.m NOTHSOCK.M
numothersock.b NOTHSOCK.B
numothersock.l NOTHSOCK.L
numothersock.f NOTHSOCK.F
dcachesize DCACHESZ
dcachesize.m DCACHESZ.M
dcachesize.b DCACHESZ.B
dcachesize.l DCACHESZ.L
dcachesize.f DCACHESZ.F
numfile NFILE
numfile.m NFILE.M
numfile.b NFILE.B
numfile.l NFILE.L
numfile.f NFILE.F
numiptent NIPTENT
numiptent.m NIPTENT.M
numiptent.b NIPTENT.B
numiptent.l NIPTENT.L
numiptent.f NIPTENT.F
swappages SWAPP
swappages.m SWAPP.M
swappages.b SWAPP.B
swappages.l SWAPP.L
swappages.f SWAPP.F
diskspace DSPACE
diskspace.s DSPACE.S
diskspace.h DSPACE.H
diskinodes DINODES
diskinodes.s DINODES.S
diskinodes.h DINODES.H
laverage LAVERAGE
cpulimit CPULIM
cpuunits CPUUNI
ioprio IOP
onboot ONBOOT
bootorder BOOTORDER


       vzlist -o ctid,kmemsize,kmemsize.l -s kmemsize


Returns 0 upon success. Copyright (C) 2000-2010, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL.