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Version: 309631 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 9 (Appels noyau Linux)

BSD mandoc


devclass_add_driver devclass_delete_driver devclass_find_driver - manipulate the drivers in a devclass


In sys/param.h In sys/bus.h Ft int Fn devclass_add_driver devclass_t dc driver_t *driver Ft int Fn devclass_delete_driver devclass_t dc driver_t *driver Ft driver_t * Fn devclass_find_driver devclass_t dc const char *name


These functions can be used to add new drivers into the system, remove old ones and search for existing ones. Normally drivers are added automatically during system initialisation.


devclass(9), driver(9)


This manual page was written by An Doug Rabson .
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