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Version: 306211 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 9 (Appels noyau Linux)

BSD mandoc


ieee80211_crypto_attach , ieee80211_crypto_detach , ieee80211_wep_crypt - 802.11 WEP encryption functions


Ft void Fn ieee80211_crypto_attach struct ifnet *ifp Ft void Fn ieee80211_crypto_detach struct ifnet *ifp Ft struct mbuf * Fn ieee80211_wep_crypt struct ifnet *ifp struct mbuf *m0 int txflag


These functions provide software encryption support for 802.11 device drivers.

The Fn ieee80211_crypto_attach function initializes crypto support for the interface Fa ifp , and sets the initialization vector (IV) for WEP encryption to a random number derived from a secure PRNG.

The Fn ieee80211_crypto_detach function frees data structures associated with crypto support for the interface Fa ifp .

The Fn ieee80211_wep_crypt function runs the appropriate WEP encryption algorithm over the 802.11 encapsulated frame held in the mbuf chain Fa m0 , for transmission or reception on the interface Fa ifp . The Fa txflag argument specifies whether the frame is being received or transmitted. A value of 0 indicates that the frame is being received and should therefore be decrypted; a non-zero value indicates that the frame is being transmitted and should be encrypted.


The Fn ieee80211_wep_crypt function stores its IV in the interface's embedded Vt struct ieee80211com instance.


awi(4), wi(4), arc4random(9), ieee80211(9), ifnet(9)


The ieee80211 series of functions first appeared in Nx 1.5 , and were later ported to Fx 4.6 .


An -nosplit This manual page was written by An Bruce M. Simpson Aq and An Darron Broad Aq .
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