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Version: 250234 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


BibTool - BibTeX file manipulation tool


bibtool [options] [[file ... ]file]


BibTool takes the following options
Kind of disambiguating keystrings: <c>=0|a|A
Print help info and exit
-i  infile
Specify input file. If -i omitted it may not start with a -. If absent stdin is taken to read from. Multiple input files may be given.
Key generation enabled.
Key generation enabled (long key).
-f  format
Key generation enabled (formated key)
-m  macfile
Dump macros to macfile. - is stdout
-M  macfile
Dump used macros to macfile. - is stdout
-o  outfile
Specify output file as next argument If absent stdout is taken to write to.
Quiet mode. No warnings.
-r  resource
Load resource file (several are possible).
Sort reverse.
Enable verbose mode
-x  file
Extract from aux file.
-X  regex
Extract regular expression.
Print statistics (short).
Print statistics.

Input files should follow the bibtex conventions.




bibtex(1), latex(1), tex(1)
The BibTool Manual, included as the file bibtool.tex in the BibTool source distribution. This file contains a complete and hopefully up-to-date documentation of the program.




Some arrays are allocated statically which may result in an overflow.
Most memory is allocated but not returned to the OS. A garbage collection algorithm might be integrated in a future release.
It is very likely that this man page is out of date.
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