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Version: 110629 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


bxtclone - Clone a (Linux-) distribution to a bochs-hd-image


bxtclone [ options ] source-dir image-file


bxtclone first creates a bochs-hd-image with two partitions. Then bxtclone copies the source-directory to the first partition. The second partition is a swap partition. Finally, bxtclone makes the hd-image bootable (using bxtlilo).


Show the version-number of the Bochs-Tools
Show options and parameters
Don't output informative messages (default)
Output informative messages
Simulate commands, but don't execute them
Overwrite existing image-file (passed on to bxtcreate).
-H heads
Number of heads. Defaults to 16 (passed on to bxtcreate).
-S spt
Number of sectors-per-track. Defaults to 63 (passed on to bxtcreate).
-e extra-size
Extra size for first partition. Can be a relative (e.g. -e "20%") or an absolute value (e.g. -e "200m"). Defaults to the maximum of 10% and 20MB. If you give an absolute value, use size-suffixes as described in bxtcreate(1).
-w swap-size
Create partition 2 (swap-partition) with given size. Defaults to 32MB. Give a size of 0 if you don't need any swap-partition. If source-dir is a fat-partition, bxtclone does not create a swap-partition.
-t type
Create partition 1 with given filesystem type. Defaults to auto, i.e. use the same filesystem type as source-dir. If source-dir is a fat-partition, bxtclone uses the filesystem type "fat32".


Assume you installed Debian-Woody on /dev/hda3. To clone the installation, use the following commands:
  # mount /dev/hda3 /mnt
  # bxtclone /mnt woody.img
  # umount /mnt


This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.


The latest version of this program can be found at:


bxt-synopsis(1), bochs(1)


Bochs-Tools were written and are maintained by Bernhard Bablok (


bxtclone is unable to determine the correct fs-type for vfat-mounted source-dirs, since the mount only shows up as "vfat".

Please report all bugs to the author. Provide a detailed description of the bug, the version of the program you are running and the operating system you are using.

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