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Version: 329655 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


makevcd - Create and burn an (S)VCD image from an XML description file


makevcd takes an XML file (which may be generated by makexml(1)) and creates a cue/bin (S)VCD image. It can also burn (S)VCD discs.

To ensure that this script successfully executes, please run it from a directory with plenty of free space. "Plenty" would be about 1 GB. Running this program may slow down your other applications, due to intense disk activity.



For example:

makevcd -burn MyDisc.xml


-overwrite (default off -- nothing is overwritten)
Overwrite any existing cue/bin files matching VCDIMAGER.xml. Useful if you modified the xml file and wish to re-image or burn the new (S)VCD.
-burn (default off -- no images are burned)
Burn the (S)VCD described by VCDIMAGER.xml.
-device DEVICE (default /dev/cdrw)
Burn the disc image to DEVICE, the Linux device filesystem name of your CD-recorder. Common examples might be /dev/cdrw, /dev/scd1, and /dev/hdc.
-speed NUM (default 12)
Burn the disc at speed NUM.
Limit output to essential messages.


makevcd -burn -device /dev/cdrw foo.xml
Create the (S)VCD image and burn it to /dev/cdrw. makevcd will automatically call vcdxbuild to make the image. If there is an existing image, it will be burned.
makevcd -overwrite foo.xml
Create the (S)VCD image and exit without burning. If the image already exists, then it is removed before re-imaging.


idvid(1), makedvd(1), makemenu(1), makeslides(1), makevcd(1), makexml(1), postproc(1), tovid(1), todisc(1)


For further assistance, contact information, forum and IRC links, please refer to the tovid homepage (

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