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Version: 149491 (fedora - 04/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ocamlcp - The Objective Caml profiling compiler


ocamlcp [ ocamlc options ] [ -p flags ] filename ...


The ocamlcp command is a front-end to ocamlc(1) that instruments the source code, adding code to record how many times functions are called, branches of conditionals are taken, ... Execution of instrumented code produces an execution profile in the file ocamlprof.dump, which can be read using ocamlprof(1).

ocamlcp accepts the same arguments and options as ocamlc(1).


In addition to the ocamlc(1) options, ocamlcp accepts the following option controlling the amount of profiling information:

-p letters
The letters indicate which parts of the program should be profiled:
all options
function calls : a count point is set at the beginning of each function body
if ... then ... else: count points are set in both then and else branches
BR while ,  for loops: a count point is set at the beginning of the loop body
match branches: a count point is set at the beginning of the body of each branch of a pattern-matching
try ... with branches: a count point is set at the beginning of the body of each branch of an exception catcher

For instance, compiling with ocamlcp -pfilm profiles function calls, if ... then ... else ..., loops, and pattern matching.

Calling ocamlcp(1) without the -p option defaults to -p fm meaning that only function calls and pattern matching are profiled.

Note: due to the implementation of streams and stream patterns as syntactic sugar, it is hard to predict what parts of stream expressions and patterns will be profiled by a given flag. To profile a program with streams, we recommend using ocamlcp -p a.


ocamlc(1), ocamlprof(1).
The Objective Caml user's manual, chapter "Profiling".
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