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Version: 312327 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


Felix binding definitons (these need to be checked!).

Binding defintions

type <identifier> = string>;
type <identifier> [<identlist>]= string>;
Define function by C++ expression. In the second form a parameterised type is defined.

const <identifier>: <type> = <string>;
Define constant by C++ expression.

fun <identifier> type>=<string>;
fun <identifier> [<identlist>]<type>=<string>;
Define function by C++ expression. In the second form a parameterised function is defined.

proc <identifier> <type>=<string>;
proc <identifier> [<identlist>]<type>=<string>;
Define procedure by C++ statements. In the second form a parameterised procedure is defined.

Argument Encoding

$<n> Specifies n'th argument (1 origin), data pointer only for pointer types

$a Specifies all arguments, short hand for $1, $2, $3 ...

$t pass argument tuple as a tuple object

#<n> Specifies type of n'th argment (1 origin)

#0 Return type

`<n> Specifies n'th component (1 origin) including frame pointer for pointer types

@<n> reference to shape object of n'th argument type

?<n> Specifies n'th type argument (1 origin)

?<a> Short hand for ?1,?2,?3 ...

?? Question mark character ? emitted.




felix(1) for a language introduction and man page index
flx(1) for a list of the tools.
flxcc(1) for a description of the wrapper generator tool.
flx_lit(1) for a description of literals
flx_op(1) for a list of operators
flx_cop(1) for a list of C operator precedence names
flx_key(1) for a list of keywords
flx_grammar(1) for a grammar summary
flx_lib_typ(1) for a list of library types
flx_dir(1) for a list of directives
flx_exec(1) for a list of executable statements
flx_decl(1) for a list of declarative statements
flx_bind(1) for a list of binding statements




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