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Version: 312577 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


Felix Wrapper Generator


flxcc control-filename


flxcc reads the specified control file to obtain configuration and control data. It then reads and parses a preprocessed C header file, partitioning the definitions it discovers according to their original location.
Next, it examines the original C header files for #include statements and matches them up with the pathnames found in the preprocessed input, so as to determine dependencies.
Then it emits a Felix wrapper file for each of the C include files which contributed a definition, placing the wrappers for each definition in the appropriate Felix wrapper file.
Each wrapper usually embeds the original C #include statement to haul in the required C definitions, includes each Felix include file on which it depends.
Flxcc then emits a module statement consisting of an open directive for each dependent module, followed by Felix wrapper defintions corresponding to the contents of the original C include file.

Control Commands

data filename
The data command specifies the name of the preprocessed C header file which flxcc should use as its stream of definitions.

noinclude filename
The noinclude command specifies that the Felix wrapper file should not embed a C #include for the file from which it was generated. This is necessary for some include files which are not intended to be included directly.




felix(1) for a language introduction and man page index
flx(1) for a list of the tools.
flxcc(1) for a description of the wrapper generator tool.
flx_lit(1) for a description of literals
flx_op(1) for a list of operators
flx_cop(1) for a list of C operator precedence names
flx_key(1) for a list of keywords
flx_grammar(1) for a grammar summary
flx_lib_typ(1) for a list of library types
flx_dir(1) for a list of directives
flx_exec(1) for a list of executable statements
flx_decl(1) for a list of declarative statements
flx_bind(1) for a list of binding statements




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